Parsons first in history of NHHS to ever score 35 on ACT

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Pictured above is Wyatt Parsons.
Photo by Kyle Quick

New Haven, Mo. - Imagine the feeling of being the first student to accomplish something no student in the history of New Haven High School has been able to do.

Wyatt Parsons knows this feeling after scoring a 35 (with 36 being the highest possible score) on the American College Test (ACT) this past October.  This was the third time Parsons had taken the test, scoring a 32 and 31 during his junior year.

Parsons told Quick News what his personal goal for the ACT had been:

“My goal was to score a 33 or higher because no college I know of has a scholarship that requires any score of 33 or higher.”

Parsons said, “Initially I thought I had scored a 31, then realized I had opened June’s test results.  When looking to see what my score was for October’s test, I was completely in disbelief.  In fact I sat staring at the screen thinking there had to be a mistake.  I refreshed the page and had actually scored a 35.”

“I … didn't do anything the rest of the day.  I figured I deserved to take an evening and just relax.”

Some day there may be another student to score a 35, but Parsons will be remembered as the first.  Right now he’s enjoying it.

Congratulations on your achievement and leaving your mark in the history books at New Haven High School.