Part 1 of 2 - Candelight Christmas Home Tour

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Pictured above is Bryan and Carol Hebbeler's home.

The New Haven Preservation Society held their 24th Annual Candlelight Christmas Home Tour this past Sunday.  The evening was kicked off with at St. Peter’s UCC with a Christmas concert by the New Haven Community Singers’.

This year’s house tour gave visitors a wide array of homes to tour, showcasing the past and the present.

The Keeven Farm, “The Valley K Ranch”, showcased the original cabin from 1850, an 1867 stone springhouse and 1974 stone smoke house.  Louis and Ron Keeven provided a bit of history about the 132 acres their home sits on, which is part of the original 160 acres land grant.  During the 1850’s land grants were an incentive to get people to settle West of the Mississippi River.  Settlers simply had to build a cabin, live there for five years, and they were given 160 acres.

The Keeven’s have spent nearly three decades of renovating and preserving the original buildings from the late 1800’s.

Editorial by Kyle Quick

Ode and Jean Hoerstkamp’s house located at 102 Melrose was significant part of my early childhood.  We happen to live next door to Hayward and Dorothy, I can vividly remember the numerous times Ty and I would go next door to ask Dorothy if we could play with the wooden train they had.  Dorothy always had the wooden train stored underneath a china cabinet.  I also remember the many of times we were sent home for fighting, something we were pretty good at.

The house was always spotless, everything had its place, neatly organized to near perfection.  In 1999 Dorothy passed away on the same porch Ty and I would ring the doorbell.  The days Ty and I spend with Hayward and Dorothy are days I will never forget.

The house was built in 1939 and Hayward paid 250 dollars for the lot to build their house, which cost him only 2000 dollars to have the house built.  Incidentally, this is the same amount it cost Ode and Jean to replace the windows.

Pictured left is what you see as you come through the front door.

Bryan and Carol Hebbeler’s home was one of the youngest of the bunch.  Construction began in 1991 and it was not until August of 1993 before the Hebbeler family was able to move into their new house.  Bryan and Carol designed the floor plans with some help from architect Randal Pierce.

One thing Carol loves is Santas, which if you happened to tour their house it was quite obvious with the large collection she has compiled over the years.  They also had a family Christmas tree adorned with a collection of ornaments, some which are over 35 years old.

Part 2 will feature the Old School, along with more photos.