Part 1 of 3: Bounds directs his finial spring concert. Orchestral piece composed to honor Bounds, with video of performance

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With the conclusion of such a historic historic evening at The New Haven Auditorium on May 10th, Aaron Bounds, son of Carl Bounds, directed the finial song of the evening.

Pictured: to the left Aron Bounds and bottom right Kara Bounds.

I myself was not aware of the significance to the piece of music performed.  The New Haven Music Boosters with the help of Aaron, commissioned Ryan Woodhouse to compose an orchestral piece to honor Mr. Bounds.  Woodhouse composed the New Haven Overture based on an old Irish tune that stood for “wearing of the green”.

Tuesday May 10th,  past students of Mr. Bounds emerged from the crowd with instruments in hand to help perform the New Haven Overture’s premiere performance.  How fitting it was to have Carl’s son Aaron directing the performance and his daughter Kara Bounds playing the French Horn as Mr. Bounds sitting with his wife held hands and watched intently as the band performed.  How it must have felt for Mr. and Mrs. Bounds to see both children performing the New Haven Overture for the first time ever.

Pictured:  Aron Bounds

What I found to be even more amazing, is the New Haven Overture will be published and to honor Bounds's dedication, under the title it will read something along the lines; composed to Honor Carl Bounds, New Haven High School.

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Pictured left to right:  Carol Bounds and his wife Ketha Bounds