Part 2 of 2: Girls assistant varsity coach gives heartfelt speech about Coach Dave Luecke

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New Haven, Mo – Last Monday, High School Athletic Director Ray Steinhoff began the Athletic Banquet by delivering an emotional speech about Dave Luecke’s departure from New Haven High School.

Steinhoff was one of several coaches who expressed their sadness about Coach Luecke’s departure, acknowledging the dedication and compassion for New Haven High School that Luecke exhibited during his 21-years at the school.  It was also mentioned about how much everyone will miss seeing Coach Luecke standing between the trophy case and high school office every morning.

Coach Doug Peirick, assistant girls’ varsity coach, began his address like many of the other coaches did, with a thank you to Coach Luecke.

Peirick said, “Coach Luecke, I want to thank you for your support and guidance during the past five years.  You know, I didn’t walk in the door that first year of coaching and start doing drills and running plays.  He was generous enough to share ALL his knowledge, his notes, his drills, and his plays with me.  If he wouldn’t have been there to do that we wouldn’t have had the success we’ve had all these years.”

Peirick thanked Coach Luecke for all he has done as a coach, but more importantly as a teacher.

Watch Coach Peirick’s emotional speech as he talks about how great of a coach Luecke is and thanks him for this past season’s magical run at a State Championship.

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Coach Dennis Carey also spoke about Coach Luecke’s departure, alluding to the reason behind Luecke’s resignation. Coach Carey said that during his 27 years at New Haven, “Everything that has been done here has been done the way I feel it should be done.  As long as you come in each day, do the best you can do, do your job well, and encourage the kids to do their best, and keep expectations high, we have always been allowed to do our job.  That is one thing I have really enjoyed about working here.”

Carey said, “I hope it doesn’t come to the point where one [student] whines loud enough to bring in enough negative waves that things will change because tradition is hard to come by, it takes a long time to build.”

Carey said, “Let’s continue to have the place that no one would rather have their kid going to school at be New Haven rather than any other place in the State of Missouri, or anywhere in the United States for that matter.”

Coach Carey said that he was very proud to have his kids come to this school and could not imagine them going anywhere else. Below is Coach Carey’s speech.