Peirick recognized for being a member of the American Legion for 50 years

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Pictured left to right: John Peirick and Tori Panhorst

New Haven, Mo - Commander of the American Legion post 366, Tori Panhorst recognized John Peirick for his 50 years as a member of the American Legion at Friday evening’s Patriotic Concert.

Peirick served in the Navy from 1952 -1954 during the Korean War.  He was stationed aboard the aircraft carrier USS Bennington from 1952 to 1953.

Peirick said, “In 1952 and 1953 we went on what they called, “A Goodwill Tour”, stopping at ports across Europe.  This was shortly after WWII and many European countries were still recovering from the war.  Basically, we were visiting to reassure countries across Europe that the Untied States did not have any hostility towards them.”

Peirick receives a standing ovation for 50 years serving the American Legion Post 366.

While serving on the USS Bennington, Peirick was part of the Ordnance Mechanics Division.  His division was in charge of storing, servicing, inspecting and handling of all types of weapons and ammunition carried on Navy aircraft.

In 1954, Peirick was discharged from active duty and then served six years in the reserves until 1960 when he was offically discharged from the U.S Navy

Thank you Mr. Peirick for your service to our country and to all the men and women who continue to fight and protect our freedoms.  God Bless America.