Who ever came up with the idea of a pig scramble

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Who in the world ever came up with the idea of a pig scramble?

An area of dirt is fenced in and then dowsed with water creating a huge muddy pit.  Participants are then split up into age groups.  The pigs start out small for the younger age groups and get bigger for the older age groups.

The picture to right; Priceless

The pigs are placed on one end and the pig hunters on the other end.  Someone, in our case Glen Kohlbusch, yells go and they are off; diving, tackling, plunging headfirst, or whatever it takes to grab hold of a pig and drag it across the finish line.  The winner is whoever gets the first pig and will anyone remember the next day who won the pig scramble, probably not, but it is great entertainment and kids have a blast.

So, who did come up with the idea of a pig scramble, Glen Kohlbush maybe?