Pro-Life supporters from local area join in National Life Chain

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Sunday afternoon, supporters of Pro-Life lined Highway 100 as part of the National Life Chain.

Photos by Kyle Quick

New Haven, Mo. – Each year on the first Sunday in October, Life Chains are formed throughout cities and towns across North America by those who are against abortion and believe in the “Right to Life”.

Sunday, supporters of all ages from around the New Haven area joined in the National Life Chain, standing along Highway 100.  Their signs contained one of the following messages:

"Abortion Kills Children"
"Jesus Forgives and Heals"
"Adoption, The Loving Option"
"Lord, Forgive Us and Our Nation"
"Abortion Hurts Women"
"Pray to End Abortion"

According to the National Life Chain Organization, “During the Life Chain hour, idle chatter, frivolity, and both verbal and physical responses to motorists are strongly discouraged. LIFE CHAIN is a time for prayerful self-analysis, repentance, and serious commitment to helping end abortion in our nation.”

The organization also states, "It is purposeful to note that LIFE CHAIN is church oriented and pastor focused and that the key to a successful Chain is for local pastors to educate their congregations about abortion and then lead them to the sidewalk where their Chain is to be held."

In 2011, over 1500 cities and towns held Life Chains in over 1700 locations.



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