Protect your purse while you're at church - Female snatches purses from Lighthouse Baptist Church

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Villa Ridge, Mo – Sunday deputies with Franklin County responded to the Lighthouse Baptist Church in Villa Ridge located on highway M for a report of a female having her purse stolen.

Chris Douglas, a former Washington City Police Officer and employee of the church told deputies he had observed an unknown vehicle in the Church parking lot.  Douglas looked inside the vehicle and noticed several purses and noticed a female come out of the Church with her arms folded as if she was carrying something.

While watching the female, a second female approached Douglas telling him that her purse had been stolen. Douglas then contacted an off duty Union Police Officer, Rick Neace, who was at the church inside. Officer Neace went to his personal vehicle and followed the suspect, observing her vehicle parked on the Bourbeuse River Bridge on Hwy AT. She appeared to be dropping something over the bridge. She then got into her vehicle and drove toward Union and throwing items out of the window. Union Police were notified and stopped the vehicle on Hwy 50.

Items from the victim’s purse were located along side of the road. One of the items found contained the name to a resident of Pacific. When contacted, the resident stated her purse had been stolen but had not reported it.

Deputies took the suspect into custody for investigation of stealing.  She has been charged with tampering of evidence. She is identified as Kristi Spreckelmeyer, a white female, age 30 from Villa Ridge.