PSB teaches kids how to save money

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Photo by Kyle Quick.
Essay contest winners from New Haven and R2 schools are presented an iPod Nano and an iTunes gift card from Carol Vedder of PSB.

Pictured above left to right: back row, Kasi Meyer, Carol Vedder, and Kathy Oetterer, front row, Michael Vedder from New Haven Elementary and Lexi Oetterer from Franklin County R-2.

New Haven, Mo - Since 2006, Peoples Savings Bank has been visiting local schools across Franklin, Gasconade, and Montgomery counties through each of their six branches, teaching kids the importance of saving money.

“Teach Children to Save” is a national campaign sponsored by the American Bankers Association (ABA) aimed at promoting a long term habit of saving money.

During the second semester at New Haven Elementary and Franklin County R2, Carol Vedder visited classrooms and helped children understand how the banking system works.

Carol Vedder, retired teacher, said, “The campaign aims to raise awareness about the important role that banks and bankers play in helping young people develop lifelong saving habits.”

This year, in conjunction with the “Teach Children to Save” program PSB decided to add an essay competition for the 5th grade classes at both R2 and New Haven.  The topic was “If I start saving today, in the future I could…”

One winner was chosen from each school and to top things off, each 5th grade teacher received a 25-dollar check to help them purchase supplies for their classroom.

On Friday, Lexi Oetterer from R-2 and Michael Vedder from New Haven were given an iPod Nano and a 15-dollar iTunes gift card for winning the essay contest.

Through PSB’s TCTS program, they have reached over 11 hundred students across their six locations.

Congratulations Lexi and Michael on planning for your future.