QUICK THOUGHT: It won't happen to me...

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Prom is one of the most exciting times for high school students.

Girls spend days looking for the perfect dress while guys walk in a tuxedo store and spend about 10 minutes before they are walking back out.

In fact, I can remember my senior prom as if it were yesterday and there is a great story that goes along with my memory.  I will share it with you at the end of this article.

The first thing I remember is a huge stack off newspapers that were handed out to us on Friday as we left school.  I think it was something about being safe during prom. I am not sure if they still do this or not, but all I remember is throwing it away.  I remember thinking to myself, “blah, blah, blah… no one pays attention to something you have to read”.  I also remembering thinking to myself, “The point behind that was?”

Prom is supposed to be fun, something you will remember the rest of your life…hopefully that is. It is ok to have fun, but keep this in mind, “It can happen.”

“It won’t happen to me, I don’t drink and drive, that will never happen to me” are common phrases everyone uses, not just high school students.

August 6, 2005, my brother Ty was killed in a car crash and had he worn his seatbelt, he most likely would not have died.  Ty’s death occurred during the summer after finishing up his freshman year of college.

Ironically in 2004, during Ty’s senior year of high school, I helped plan a mock car accident involving a drunk driver crashing into a car with three teenagers, all of whom were unrestrained.

Ty was among his fellow classmates as they watched paramedics remove the body of the young teenager killed in the mock accident.  They saw first hand, including Ty, everything that occurs when someone is killed; from placing the young girl into a body bag, to the funeral home taking the body from the accident scene.

Instead of preaching or asking you to read something, other than this article of course, is to have fun and be safe.  You are all very intelligent young adults.  All I ask is you remember one thing; “It can happen”!  I am speaking from first hand experience.

My memorable senior prom story is pretty simple.  I had a date with me when we arrived at prom but did not have a date when I left prom.  My date had left me and I was the very last one to leave prom.  One of the greatest times I ever had.

Best of all, I am alive to tell it.

Have fun, enjoy yourself, and of course be safe.