QUICK THOUGHT: Standing at Ground Zero seven months later and video of what I saw

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Photo taken at Ground Zero of two New York Firefighters with Kyle Quick in April of 2011.

Do you remember Tuesday, September 11, 2001?  Can you recall exactly where you were when two planes crashed into both towers of the World Trade Center?  Have you been to ground zero?

The reason you are reading my editorial today is because everyone remembers 9/11 but no one thinks about 9/12 or the following months when firefighters and thousands of others continued searching for anyone that could possibly be alive.

The same year when the terrorist attacks took place I had begun my senior year of high school.  It had been seven months since the attacks had occured and here I was standing at the very site where thousands of lives had been lost due to the attacks.

September 11, 2001 is one day in my life I will never forget where I was, what I was doing, and the feeling I had when my aunt Renee Laune, high school librarian, said that an airplane had hit the World Trade Center.

That beautiful Tuesday morning I was in the library during first hour for study hall.  Mrs. Laune brought in a TV as we watched in disbelief while a second plane hit the other tower.

I happen to be wearing a New Haven/Berger Fire Department T-shirt the day we toured ground zero when  Mr. John Tucker suggested it would be neat if New Haven could be represented with the tens of thousands of other fire departments as a sign of respect and remembering those who lost their lives by saving the lives of others.  As I placed my shirt on the gate I felt a sense of pride but also a feeling of saddness.

Seven months later on Senior Trip I saw first hand everything I had seen on TV, but TV cannot portray what I saw with my very own eyes.

A huge hole had taken the place where the World Trade Center once stood, the same place where thousands of people died.

The feeling was over whelming as I thought back to the Tuesday morning when I was sitting in the library, watching people jump from buildings and the towers falling to the ground.

I was recording video while we walked down Church Street where the Twin Towers once filled the skyline, never realizing that someday this footage would allow others to see ground zero from a completely different perspective.

This is raw armature video taken 11 years ago and before there were HD video cameras.