A Quick tip: Keep your car from over heating this summer

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It is hard to believe next Friday will be July 1st and with that comes hot and humid weather.  Find out what to do when your car can't handle the heat.

If you see the temperature gauge rising, a temperature warning light flashing, or steam billowing out from under the hood, then your car is overheating. The first thing to do is stay calm and follow these tips to ensure your safety and quick repair for your vehicle.

First thing to do is stay calm and follow these tips to prevent further damage.

-  Turn your A/C off.

Turn your heater on full blast.

Slowly pull your car to the side of the road but somewhere that is safe

-  Unless you see steam coming out from under the hood, raise it so that the engine cools off faster.

-  Call for road assistance if needed.  One thing to keep in mind, if your car overheated once, there is most likely a leak of water or coolant.