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By: Melissa Venardos

Do you want to know what the roads look like after a snow?  Do you want to know where the smoke is coming from on Hwy KK?  Do you want to know what those sirens are all about?

Do you want to know why you don’t have water this morning?  Do you want to know if its raining outside?   Do you want to know if there will be travel delays on Hwy 100 when MoDot is working on the highway?

Did you want to know what the parade looked like a few weeks ago and it was just too hot to go out?  Do you want to see the New Haven Youth Fair Queen contest but just aren’t in town?  Did you want to know if those two young girls from Gerald were found this past week? Did you want to know which churches are serving meals this weekend?  How about the baseball game, did you want to watch the game but couldn’t make it over to the field?

Maybe a Quick thought will get you thinking about something.   Perhaps theres  a weather siren going off and you want to know what its all about.  Maybe you just want to wish someone a Happy Birthday.

Maybe theres a scam going on in the area and someone wants your personal information. Maybe you just wanted to know what the girls were wearing to the Junior/Senior Prom this year.

Chances are if you have a question about the New Haven Community, QNHN (Kaylin Bade & Kyle Quick) got it quickly covered…and I mean quick. What a great last name.

Even though there was a technical difficulty with that camera that winter’s day when Kyle was covering the roads so we could be safe, he got it fixed..quickly.

You guys are doing a great job, and I can just imagine there are a lot of people out there who want to say the same thing.   Thanks for all you do, this quick toast is to both of you.

Respectfully submitted,
Melissa Venardos