Railroad Blues

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By Melissa Venardos

New Haven IS the railroad.  It is unique in that all of downtown is on the north side of the tracks, unlike other communities in this area.  Not having that railroad’s song  would be like having a marching band without drums... a Greek salad without feta cheese... a Shamrock basketball game without green t-shirts.

I just can’t imagine having the train roll through without that whistle, that wail... that integral  part  of New Haven. Granted, I do not have a business downtown and I do not live on the bluff where I am sure people not only hear the railroad but they feel the railroad.  However, when I am downtown at a meeting, eating at a restaurant or going through all the Farmer’s Market has to offer, I relish that sound... that vibration.  Its historical, its drums, its feta cheese and green t-shirts.  It’s a major part of what New Haven IS, period.

I encourage New Haven citizens to speak up and tell us how you feel.  Do I think the DREAM initiative is looking down the wrong tunnel?  Yes, yes I do.