Rain and hunger, no problem for devoted fans

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Photos by Kyle Quick

New Haven, Mo. – This year marked the 50th New Haven Youth Fair since it first began in July of 1963.  Saturday evening’s truck and tractor pull will be talked about for years to come, making 2012 one of the most memorable.

One hour before the scheduled 7 p.m. start of the much anticipated Xcaliber and Gateway Truck and Tractor Pull, nearly an inch of rain fell from the sky, leaving a muddy and messy track.

People continued filing in as crews began working to get the track in pulling condition.  In less than two hours, tractors were lining up, sleds were on the track, and fans were ready for a show.

“Alright here we go.” Glen Kohlbuschs four famous words said right before the first puller.  Alongside Kohlbusch was Tim Scheer and the dynamic duo kept fans entertained while Erin Scheer and Terri Scheer took care of recording the results.

New Haven’s Brian Gerling took first place in the Xcaliber 8500lb Limited Pro-Stock Class and Allen Scheer took third after coming up one hundredth of a foot from taking second. Wally Scheer finished second in the Gateway 9500lb class.

It will be a month before fair officials will have an exact number of attendees for the truck and tractor pull, however several fair board members told QNHN “This was one of the largest crowds we have ever seen.”

It had to have been one of the largest crowds ever considering all of the vendors sold out of food by midnight with at least another two hours of pulling left.

What's better than Casey's pizza and tractor pulling!

What better of an idea than to order Casey’s pizza, yes the fair board called Casey’s and ordered 12 pizzas.  The first six pizzas were delivered by 12:30 a.m. and gone by 12:35 a.m.  The last six pizzas finally arrived 45 minutes later and by 2 a.m. there was maybe one pizza left.

Although the rain delayed the pull, it was welcomed by everyone as the area is in desperate need.  After all, nothing can stop devoted fans of the annual New Haven Youth Fair Tractor Pull.

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Priceless father and son moment.

"Spare Parts" nearly goes through the QNHN baner.