Residents have leaves stolen by "Drive By Rakers"

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These leaf theives obviously were not concerened about getting caught.

By Kyle Quick

New Haven, Mo. – Most people love this time of year as leaves change from their summer green to their beautiful Fall colors.  The down side is they also begin falling to the ground, forcing people bring out the rakes.

Unfortunately some people are no longer able to rake the layer of leaves that cover their yard, but one of New Haven High School’s clubs has been giving back to the community and helping those people out.

The high school’s Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) has been raking leaves for over 12 years in a community project they call, “Drive by Raking”.

Thursday, 69 high school students spent their afternoon raking leaves and hauling them away.  After having a half-day of school for parent teacher conferences, FBLA members raked 18 different yards.

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At least some members were raking leaves...