Sewer and City Hall Parking Lot Projects highlight last night's Gerald City Aldermen Meeting

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The Gerald Board of Aldermen met at a regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday, September 8, 2011.  The board reviewed, discussed, and approved various items throughout the meeting.  All board members were present.  The highlights of the meeting are as follows.

Jeff Huck and David Van Leer of Cochran Engineering were present to discuss the Gerald Sanitary Sewer Project.  Bids will open for the project next week and are due for opening at the next City of Gerald Board of Alderman Meeting on October 13, 2011.  According to the permit from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, the project includes “14,005 lineal feet of 8-inch SDR 35 PVC gravity sewer, 3,040 lineal feet of 2-inch SDR 21 PVC force main, and three lift stations.”  The three lift stations will be placed at the City Park, Highway H South, and the East Lagoon. 

The city’s bills were reviewed and Mayor Joann Parmentier expressed that she is very disappointed in the uniform company the city is using.  The uniforms do not appear clean when they are received from the company and the reflective tape is “flaking off”, making work unsafe for city employees.  Public Works Director Brad Landwehr stated that the city has a contract with the company, however once the contract is up “we will need to look into taking a different avenue”.  City Clerk Sarah Wheeler believes that the contract is almost up at this time. 

The Public Works Department Report included information from Landwehr about a citywide cleanup and metal disposal day.  He would like to see both of these projects combined into one day.  The tentative date range set was September 26-28. Residents will receive information in the mail about the cleanup and disposal.  Wheeler reminded the board that it is in the city’s contract with Swinger Sanitation to do an event like this twice a year.

Bids that the city received for repairing the parking lot at City Hall were opened during the meeting.  Only two bids were presented; one from Mid Missouri Asphalt and Seal Coating for $11,700 and the second from Beard Asphalt Maintenance for $2,650.  The bids stated that Mid Missouri would fix cracks in the lot ¼” or larger, and Beard would fix cracks in the lot ½” or larger, thus the drastic difference in bid prices.  Beard repaired the lots of the Citizens Bank plaza and the Elementary School.  Alderman Howard Haase motioned to accept Beard for the work and was seconded by Alderman Scott Long.  Motion carried. 

The Gerald Police Monthly Report was given by Police Chief Tommie Lowe.  Chief Lowe thanked the board for hiring Steve Goodwin as he is working out well and has handled a few calls on his own nicely.  All officers will work the upcoming Gerald Street Fair on September 17 from noon to midnight, which will include overtime for two officers.  One issue with the Street Fair that was presented is open containers in the street.  Although the street will be closed, it is against city ordinance to have open containers in the street.  The question was raised whether it is considered a street if it is temporarily closed.  According to City Attorney Joe Perschke, if vehicles are not operated on it, it is not considered a street; however this does not cover the sidewalks and parking lots.  Street Fair coordinator Linda Trest assured the board that attendees will not be allowed to bring alcohol in and they will be serving draft beer only. 

The next City of Gerald Board of Aldermen regularly scheduled meeting will be held October 13, 2011.