Saturday's Championship Game Ends on Last Second Shot

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Pictured above: Ryan Menke brings the ball across the time line early in the third quarter. 

Montgomery, Mo. – Saturday night’s game was high school basketball at it’s best.  The gym was jammed packed with New Haven’s sea of green on one side and Mexico’s red on the other. An electrify atmosphere set the stage for what would be a nail biting, edge of your seat as the game would end on a last second shot that was do or die.

Number one seed and heavily favored Bulldogs clung to a four-point lead, 36-32, after Austin Reed drove down the lane for a layup.  On the ensuing play with 1:06 to go, Austin Madden hits Charlie Tritch in the paint and was hacked as he laid it up and in.  Tritch knocked down the free throw, bringing the Rocks within one point. (36-35)

New Haven was forced to foul, sending Tyus Williams to the line.  Williams misses the second free throw (37-35).  The Rocks then made a costly turnover with just 10 seconds to go.  On the ensuing inbound, Ryan Menke fouled Reed before Mexico was able to pass it in, thus no time came off the clock.  All-State guard Reed, had a chance to seal the deal but missed the free throw and giving the Rocks a chance to win.

Pictured right:  Ben Kallmeyer pressured hard in the Rocks backcourt during the third quarter.

After a Shamrock timeout, five seconds left, New Haven to inbound the ball from the sideline.  Ben Kallmeyer hit Madden as he came of a screen, squared up at the top of the key, but rims out and for the second year in a row, New Haven comes up short and Mexico wins the tournament for a third straight year.

Saturday night’s game was the second time the two teams have met in as many years. A combined five points are the total points that have separated Mexico and New Haven.

New Haven will next play at Grandview (0-3) on Tues. with the JV game starting at 6 p.m.  Grandview comes into tomorrow night’s game with loses to St. Vincent, Saxony Lutheran, and Herculaneum in last week’s Crystal City Tournament.

Game Notes:

Reed and Williams combined to score 27 of the Bulldogs 37 points, scoring all but four of the teams second half points.

Lance Gerlemann, Tritch, and Menke each had 11 points, 33 of the teams 35 points.

-   New Haven turned the ball over 16 times compared to Mexico’s 9 turnovers.
-  The Rocks out rebounded Mexico 23-18
-  Both teams shot 52 percent from the field
-  Mexico was 9-12 from the strip, New Haven 9-13.