Screwball Tournament raises 2900 dollars for Alzheimer's Association

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Derek Baily reliving his t-ball days except this time he is a little dizzy after spinning in circles.

By Kaylin Bade
New Haven, Mo. Screwball.  A game with “laws” that includes “no whining or crying”, “rules are as is”, and “let’s drink and be merry!”

The moniker fits it well; the rules are different in each inning, and players are advised “if you can’t figure this out, too bad”.  Men are not allowed to hit home runs, but home runs by women count as two runs.

All in good fun, this benefit sponsored by the New Haven Care Center was put together to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association.  A total of nine teams participated in the two day event, with one team driving to New Haven from Illinois to get in on the action.

Everyone's favorite inning, social hour.

The first game began at 9 a.m.  Players competed in this eccentric sport all day in the heat, finishing with the championship game at 7 p.m.

Dotty Pataky stated, “We had a great turnout and everyone did very well.  We appreciate everyone who helped and were able to raise $2,900."

Played on a softball field, the five innings, each with different rules, consist of the following: running bases in reverse order, one pitch per batter, old fashioned kickball, tee-ball with a twist, and the social inning (which includes age appropriate beverages).

The social inning contains nine rules in itself, although players are advised that whatever the umpire feels like making up at the time is the rule, no arguing.

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Tracy Langenberg attempting to kick the ball.  Good form does not always mean good results.