Season Outlook - New team different style

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Shamrocks practice Monday evening before kicking off their season Tuesday night at Belle.
By Kyle Quick:

New Haven is known for their ability to control the tempo of games, which generally means forcing teams to play a slower paced game, but this teams maybe trying to slow down New Haven.

The Shamrocks will have a whole new team this year after graduating their starting line-up.  With New Haven having little height and more of a guard-oriented team Coach Ray Steinhoff says they will look to run the ball more than in years passed.

Injuries have already been an issue and with a small bench, staying healthy will be the number one priority for the Shamrocks.

Senior Austin Madden tore his quad this fall and missed the first two weeks of practice. Last week he began practicing with the team however after only three days he felt a slight pull.

“We don’t know how much we will get out of Austin [Madden] during the first part of the season.  He is really the only one with any varsity playing experience.  Austin will not be in Tuesday’s starting lineup but we will be on the bench.  We’ll error on the side of caution early on to hopefully get him back to 100%.”

With the Shamrocks having a new team, we asked Steinhoff whom he would look towards to step up as leaders for the team.

“A couple of kids I thought stepped up with leadership over the summer are Kyle Ruediger and Seth Schenck.  Both put a lot if time in the weight room and in the gym improving their skills and I think they have stepped up leadership wise that way.”

Quick's Season Predictions:

Number one New Haven has to avoid injuries and stay out of foul trouble.  They are at most two deep from the bench so there is little room for anything unexpected to happen.

Secondly, their offense begins with rebounding.  They will be undersized and not much of an inside game, rebounding will allow New Haven to utilized their strengths; speed, agility, and ability to push the ball up court.

Lastly, they have to be able to shoot the ball from the parameter, look to penetrate, drawing fouls and hitting free throws.

I can see New Haven struggle the first part of the season due to the experience factor and getting Madden healthy who provides added quickness both defensively and offensively.

My prediction is you will see two different teams before the Christmas break and then after.

They will be tested early on as they will host Pacific Fri. Dec 14.  Mark your calendars for this game because I am predicting an upset.

Overall I think the potential for a successful season is there if they can force teams to play a faster passed game at times but have the discipline to slow it down and run their half court offense.

Next week the (5) Shamrocks will play their first game in the Montgomery County Tournament on Tues. against (4) Montgomery County at 6 p.m.

Here are the Four Rivers Conference Coach’s predications:
1 Pacific
2 St. James
3 Sullivan
4 St. Clair
5 Union
6 New Haven
7 Hermann
8 Owensville