Senator Jane Cunningham addresses congress about the "Facebook" law - Video of Cunningham speaking

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Senator Jane Cunningham, Republican from the 7th Senatorial District in Chesterfield, has been under constant scrutiny about her proposed legislation, regarding student/teacher communication.

On Fri., Aug. 26 the 19th Circuit Court (Cole County) Judge John E. Beetem issued a preliminary injunction, blocking the law from going into effect the following Monday.  Judge Beetem wrote, "The breadth of the prohibition is staggering."  He added, "The Court finds that the statute would have a chilling effect on speech."  He wrote that -- if allowed to go into law Monday -- the Facebook law would create immediate and irreparable harm."

Today Cunningham spoke publicly since Judge Beetam's ruling at today's Senate education committee hearing.
Video below provided by Missouri News Horizon.