Seniors Take the Swimming Intramural Title 3 Years Running

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Story written by Taylor Goad and Kyle Quick
The senior class does the traditional victory jump into the pool.

New Haven, Mo. – Traditions have always been an important aspect of New Haven High School, hence the motto, “A Tradition of Excellence.”  I am not referring to the school’s history of success in sports.

I am referring to the numerous decade old traditions that make New Haven High School so unique.  Prom decoration, senior trip, or when seniors are given a day to decorate the school for Christmas, and of course swimming intramurals.

Wednesday afternoon the 2013 senior class won the intramural swim for the third year in a row and according to Coach Ray Steinhoff there might have been a class or two in the past who won three straight years but he could not recall off hand.

It was evident early on the senior class was going to win for the third straight year, leaving it a race for second place.  The juniors trailed the sophomore class going into the final race, The Coed Inner-tube Relay and the only race that the seniors actual finished last in.

Teams consisted of two boys and two girls, each team had to have one guy and one girl on both ends of the pool. Both teammates had to be touching the inner tube as they swam one length of the pool, where their teammates waited to swim back to the starting line.

The junior class had trailed the sophomores all day before Aaron Goucher kicked the juniors into second place in a narrow victory by two seconds and a one point (41-40) come from behind win, leaving the sophomores scratching their heads in disbelief.

Kierstin Monzyk finishes the first 25 yards of her record breaking time in the 50 yard backstroke.

On top of Kierstin Monzyk breaking her own record (39.1) in the 50-yard backstroke, setting a new record time of 38.1, she had held the record two years running.

The freshmen did not win a single event, however they did have the highest-class participation of 68%.  The seniors were second with 54%, followed by sophomores 47%, and brining up the rear were the juniors with 41%.

The final overall point totals were:

  • Seniors 56
    Juniors 41
    Sophomores 40
    Freshmen 22

If you would like to read more about records that still stand from over 30 years ago, such as Gary Menke’s 38 year old record in the 50 yard free style with a time of 26 seconds, click here and visit Taylor’s Tidbits.

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Side note:  This year’s winning time in the boys free style was 31 seconds. Good but just not quite good enough.  Will Gary Menke’s time ever be broken?  Steinhoff said, “No one has ever come close and a I don’t for see his record being broken anytime soon."


Pictured below are the seniors winning free style relay team