Setting the record straight - Girl Scouts will not be breaking the law

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New Haven, Mo. - At Monday night’s City Hall meeting there was a city ordinance presented to the Board of Aldermen regarding peddlers, solicitors, and canvassers.

This has been a controversial topic of discussion after the newspaper published an article entitled “Girl Scouts snared in peddler’s plan”.

We took the time to talk with City Administrator Steve Roth earlier today, regarding the city ordinance discussed at Monday’s meeting.  It is important to note that no actions were taken; it was not introduced thus was unable to be voted on.

Roth said, “Absolutely in no way are we [the city] going to impose a fee on Girl Scouts.  There are many cities that have a very similar ordinance that provides an exemption from the ordinance for organization such as Girl Scouts and school groups.  So obviously we are going to include the same type of exemption.”

The newspaper’s article begins by suggesting that Girl Scouts selling cookies could be breaking the law.  A simple question by Alderman Alan Bell, asking if this would apply to Girl Scouts seems to have precipitated into the paper not telling the whole story, causing some citizens to become outraged.

Roth said, “Bell was not wanting to regulate Girl Scouts, but wondering if it applied to them.  The city attorney said that the way it was currently written it probably would.  I said there is an easy fix to that and clearly we are not going to do impose this ordinance on Girl Scouts or school groups.”