Seven-year-old wins giant pumpkin contest at State Fair

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Ahna hugs her 169-pound winning pumpkin in the giant pumpkin contest.

Sedalia, Mo. – The Missouri State Fair has over 30,000 different agriculture exhibits from your traditional livestock shows to a large variety of other agriculture related competitions such as the giant pumpkin contest.

Seven-year-old Ahna Sinclair grew the winning pumpkin that weighed in at 169 pounds.

QNHN had the pleasure of asking Ahna a few questions about her winning pumpkin.

She explained how they grew such a large pumpkin.  Ahna said, “We got giant pumpkin seeds and had to water them a lot, however not to much because then they would have rotted.”

“Then we put Nitrogen Phosphorus on them so they would grow bigger.  We watered them everyday and had to put sun shades up to keep them from cracking because if they’re any cracks in them you’re disqualified.”

Ahna said with the extreme dry weather, “it was way more difficult this year compared to last year when I finished second.”

“The interesting fact is that my pumpkin was the smallest one to ever win first place.”

Ahna concluded by saying, “I was very excited when I found out my pumpkin had won, way excited.”

Congratulations Ahan and thank you for taking time to speak with us.