BREAKING UPDATE 7: All three teams playing for first -- JV and Freshmen -- Varsity at New Haven time: 3:30 p.m.

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Pictured above Lady Rocks after winning second set over Winfield.

The Freshmann and JV are playing in the Pacific Tournament today.

Varsity Pool Play Results.

Rocks split sets with Bowling Green 25-18, 23-25.  Lady Rocks will play Bowling

Green in the Championship Match

Pool play in Pacific has concluded results below.

JV will play Pacific and Freshmen play St. Clair.

Winners advance to play for first.

Third Game Results

JV -- 17-25, 26-24 spliting with Owensville, second set was a nail bitter

Freshmen -- 25-23, 25-22, beating Owensivlle

Second Game Results

JV -- 25-15, 25-13 beating Salem

Freshmenn -- 21-25, 25-18 spliting with Hermann

Varsity -- 25-13, 25-13 beating Winfield

Photo by Kent Vedder
First Game Results

JV -- 25-11, 25-10 beating St. James

Freshmenn -- 25-23, 25-17 beating Union

Varsity -- 25-14, 25-7 beating Belle