The fun side of Black Friday you never see

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Kohl's officially kicks off Black Friday, actually on Friday.
Photos by Kyle Quick

Washington, Mo. – Kohl’s was the only store who actually stuck to the tradition of Black Friday, waiting to open their doors until midnight, while other stores such as Wal-Mart and Target attempted to begin a new tradition of the so called Pre-Black Friday.

It was obvious Kohl’s shoppers’ felt the same way as they formed a line that wrapped around the building, stretching all the way to South Point Road.

Many of the die-hard, deal seeking, and Kohl’s Cash lovers stood in line for three hours except for one shopper who was determined to be number one.

Pictured is the first shopper to dash into Kohl's.  So excited she forgot to grab a shopping bag.  I bet she regretted that later on.

A huge Kohl’s fan arrived at 7:30 p.m., waiting four and a half hours for the store manager Blair Bos to unlock the doors.

Amazingly, it took 13 minutes for the line of customers to file in, at the same time those at the front of the line had already made their purchases and were out the door.

Special thanks to the Kohl’s Corporation and store manager Blair Bos’s wonderful hospitality and allowing us in before they opened.