Sixth graders go snow skiing

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Photos by Eileen Roth.

This past Thursday, New Haven’s sixth grade class took a trip snow skiing.  No, they did not fly out to Colorado, instead they enjoyed a daylong field trip at Hidden Valley Ski Resort.

New Haven Schools are about traditions; these include senior trip, Randy Nadler, and the sixth grade class snow skiing field trip.  I am not sure when this tradition began, however when I was in sixth grade back in 1996 we took this same trip.

Kate Unnerstall and Melissa Frick, the sixth grade teachers, Eileen Roth and Kasi Meyer also went along as chaperons.

Meyer said, "It's a great experience for our students. That opportunity may not arise for some students again. It may also reveal abilities that kids didn't know they had. It's great to see them overcome their initial fear, pull themselves up when they fall, and enjoy the exhilaration of the day."

We are curious about when this tradition began.  If you could help us narrow down a time frame of when sixth graders began going to Hidden Valley, email us or post on our Facebook page by clicking here.