Sneak peek inside one home on Sundays House Tour

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Sneak peak inside the home of Brad and Lauren Zobrist, which promises to be a unique design, combing both modern and traditional Christmas decorations. 
By Kyle Quick:

--Over the last month Tori and Jessica Panhorst, Mark and Ellen Zobrist, Ervin and Betty Niewald, and Brad and Lauren Zobrist have spent countless hours decorating their homes in preparation for the Annual Christmas House Tour.

The New Haven Preservation Society first hosted the Christmas House Tour in 1988, marking 2012 as their 25th anniversary.

For a quarter of a century homeowners have voluntarily have welcomed people into their house, making it possible for the preservation society to raise money towards preserving items that represent the history and foundation of New Haven.

The house tour has grown into a tradition for most people, signifying the official beginning of the holiday season.

Last year the preservation society had one of the largest turnouts ever and hopes to make their 25th Anniversary even better yet.