Some things change and others stay the same

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Pictured is 76-year-old Marvin Van Leer as he crosses the finish line at Saturday's 5k run.

New Haven, Mo - It’s not everyday you meet someone who is 106-years-old watching her 76-year-old son run in a 5k race.

Last year, we wrote an article about 106-year-old Viola Van Leer and her 76-year-old son Marvin Van Leer.

Once again this year Marvin cruised through the finish line with the same smile but this year Viola was watching from a different place, Heaven.

Marvin told QNHN Saturday morning, “My mom never missed a race, she has always been at the finishing line waiting for me.  I ran three more races last year and then my mother passed away 48 hours after I ran in a 5k during Labor Day weekend.”

QNHN asked him the same question as last year, “Will we see you next year?” and Marvin’s response has not changed, “God willing”.

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Pictured below from last year's 5k is the late Viola Van Leer and her son Marvin Van Leer.