Spookstalker Press announces a new ghost book by local author Dan Terry

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"Too Ornery To Die" covers spirits of outlaws, gangsters, policemen, serial killers, pirates, and prisoners.  Among the diabolical denizens too cruel for Hell is Dan's personal 4 year search for the spirit of Missouri's first known female serial killer, Bertha Gifford.

From her former hotel in Jefferson County to her stay at the Franklin County Courthouse, where she was legally found insane, Dan and his various teams searched her spirit out and contacted her, getting details of her murders from the spirit herself.

Also in the book are ghosts of pirates, haunting the site of their hanging or decapitation or still ordering rum at the site of their former home and death in Georgia; Gangsters still hanging out at the location of their speakeasy, playing poker with the living in Kentucky; a murdered cowboy still "living" in his hotel room in New Mexico; a Civil War General haunting his summer home in Missouri; a Marshall killed in the line of duty, wanting to be remembered; a man believed to be Billy the Kid, attempting to kill a living police officer exhuming his body; and more. In addition to these people, Dan has investigated two prisons and jails in search of the Evil dead.

Too Ornery To Die will be available at the New Haven Fire Fest, and at book signings to be arranged. Keep an eye on the web site, www.spookstalker.com, or look up spookstalker on Facebook for the complete list.

Dan is also available for interviews and book signings at (573) 237-4798.