Stab and Grab - Survival of the fittest

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Photos by Kyle Quick
Shoppers wait for the plastic wrap to be removed before it was on…who would outlast the other.  Watch the video below.

Washington, Mo. – You know there are some die-hard shoppers when they have to step outside and take a smoke break.  While we were standing outside people were coming in and out as if they were at work, taking a smoke and then back in they went.

People lined up waiting like a lion to attack.  Once items were unwrapped, it was a free for all.

The most amusing thing about it, after the attack was over, there was still plenty of 8GB SD Cards, digital frames, HD camcorder, cameras, and the list goes on.

Kohl’s will be opening at Midnight and already (10:45 p.m.) people are lined up around the building.

Video footage seconds after the plastic wrap began to be removed.

Site of the Wal-Mart parking lot at 10:30 p.m. and store officials told Quick News it was crazier at 8 p.m