State Auditor critical of Gov. Nixon's travel spending

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Missouri News Horizon
MNH file photo of Gov. Jay Nixon
. — Republican State Auditor Tom Schweich has released a scathing audit of Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon’s use of official state resources for travel.

In a report released on Wednesday, Schweich said the governor’s office spent more than $602,000 on taxpayer paid travel expenses, on top of more than $565,000 his administration spent to operate state planes.

Schweich said the governor’s office has not evaluated whether commercial flights “would be more economical” for out of state trips. Out of state flights, Schweich said, tallied up to nearly $92,800.

Schweich was also critical of the governor’s office for using funding from various state agencies to pay for employees at the governor’s office and mansion.

In the audit’s recommendation, Schweich called on Nixon’s administration to “comply with state travel policy” by “ensuring extended lodging stays are reasonable and cost effective” and considering commercial flights.

File photo of Schweich.

Schweich also implied that Nixon may have misused security and travel resources for political purposes, and suggested that he “reimburse the state for the use of state resources for purposes other than official state business.”

The governor’s office was not immediately responsive to a request for comment.