State Auditor to investigate electronic benefit card program (EBT) - STL Mayor Slay wants China trade Hub

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Monday’s headlines from the State Capital

Missouri News Hoizon
St. Louis, Mo – Less than a week after the elections Missouri Lawmakers already receiving pressure for items to be placed on their agenda when they return in January.

St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay came out Monday saying that he plans to appeal to Missouri lawmakers in the upcoming session for the state’s help in making the city a trade hub with China.

Slay telling St. Louis media that creating an economic development zone around the Lambert St. Louis International Airport needs to be on the legislature’s agenda.

The China trade Hub idea was the centerpiece of the legislature’s special session during the summer and fall of 2011. But plans for the zone were never finalized, and the bill to set up the hub died along with most of the rest of the proposed economic development legislation. 


Schweich to audit state TANF program with eye on EBT card.


Jefferson City, Mo. - Missouri State Auditor Tom Schweich is getting ready to investigate the electronic benefit card program run by the Department of Social Services.

The card, which is like a debit card, is supposed to allow participants in the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program to gain access to money for things like food, clothing, housing and utilities. Instead, Schweich says he’s receiving reports that the benefit cards are being used for nights out at gentlemen’s clubs, casinos and trips to exotic locations.

A release from Schweich’s office says the auditor has audited the TANF (taniff) program almost continually since taking office and has found many abuses.