State Rep Schieffer wants concealed guns allowed on public transportation

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Missouri News Horrizon
. - A Missouri lawmaker wants to allow people with conceal and carry permits to take their weapons on public transportation.

State Rep. Ed Schieffer, D-Troy, says people he represents feel threatened when they have to use public transportation in large cities and that they should have the right to protect themselves if necessary.

“They feel real danger waiting for a bus, or waiting for a light rail train, and when they get off of the bus or the light rail train going to their cars or in the parking lots,” Schieffer said. “They want to be able to carry to protect themselves and their family. I agree with that philosophy.” 

Schieffer says his bill applies to all public transportation in Missouri, regardless of the city.

But opponents say it’s too dangerous to allow weapons on crowded public transportation. Rep Michael Brown, D-Kansas City, says more guns will only cause more violence in the cities without providing any real protection.

“In the city, guns kill people,” Brown said. “If you shoot that bullet in the city, that bullet is going to hit a person. It could hit an innocent person. It could hit a child. You can’t control that bullet once you pull that trigger.”

Current state law prohibits anyone from carrying firearms on public transportation.

This is one of several bills introduced in the state legislature this year designed to enhance the rights of concealed carry gun owners in Missouri. Last month, the House approved legislation that would add gun owners to the state’s list of protected legal statuses.