Student Council Elections--Today New Haven Elementary students head to the polls

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Student Council Candidates have been campaigning this past week for today’s much anticipated Student Council Election.

Students running for office have posted some pretty creative signs throughout the school as part of their campaigning efforts, telling fellow students why they should be elected.

Students running for office also have given campaign speeches expressing their views and how they plan to represent their fellow classmates.

Principal Kasi Meyer said, “We want our students to understand how the election process works.  We make the week-long activity as "real-life" as possible.  We have explained to the students how their votes are private by having polling booths.  We also make those running for office take down any of their campaign signs in the gym, which is where the polling stations are located.”

Pictured Left:  4th grader Morgan Branson delivers her campaign speech.

Today voters (students) will go to the polls to cast their vote for the candidate they want elected into office.  Officials are expecting a high turnout rate this year and have made preparations in advanced, making sure to have several election officials at every polling station to handle any possible issues that may arise.

We will have the official results after all the ballots have been counted.

Photos taken by Kasi Meyer