Students laced up their shoes and took part in Walk to School Day

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This past Wednesday students at New Haven Elementary School joined other students across the country as they pulled on their sneakers and joined together in Walk to School Day.

This is the fourth year New Haven has participated by forming a Walking School Bus, in which the majority of the student population gathers in one place to walk to school.

This year over 200 students, teachers, and parents walked to school beginning at Citizens Bank.  It was a site to behold, watching a pack of kids walking down the sidewalk listening to them cheering, hollering, smiling, and having a great time.

We spoke with the schools EMT/Health Aid, Brenda Korman, who organized Wednesday’s event.  Korman said, “The International Walk to School Day is to promote health and safe routes to school.  Then when kids get to school they are ready to do their school work, they have fresh air in their lungs, and are focused more in the classroom.”

Below are parts of our live broadcast from Wednesday’s event and more photos.