Summer School Theater - The Frick-chen Troupe (from New Haven, MO)

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Yesterday morning at New Haven Elementary, 4th and 5th grade students performed two plays; Sunday Siete and Gingerbread Girl. Students have been working very hard for today’s performance all summer long.  To see photo gallery click here.

The first play performed was Sunday Siete, based on A Mexican Folktale. The actors and actresses were:

Narrator: Callie Weatherly
Antonio: Austin Everett
Juan: Cody Groner
Fairies: Audrey Ford, Lydia Otten, Angela Kuhlmann, Hailey Flemming, Meagan Holtmeyer, Morgan Branson, & Mikayla Maloney
Ogers: Christian Patterson, Travis Schreoder, & Ethan Barber
Villagers: Lydia Lagemann, Martin Lewis, Alex Trentmann, Karibour Graczyk, Andi Widemann, & Diana Ribera

The second performance of the morning was Gingerbread Girl.  The actors and actresses performing were:

Baker:  Julia Unnerstall
George:  Gavin Frick
Mrs. Vendi & Cow:  Miranda Durbin
Guy & Caat:  Matty Morell
Lady & Crow:  Tracy Wyrick
Farmer:  Dalton Morell
Bo Peed:  Halaina O’Bryan
Mary:  Grace Soete
Cow: Joseph Perjak
Cat: Vanessa Vallejo
Lamb:  Lauralie Grater
Igora: Kiley Kruel
Cops:  Hunter Garren, Trenten Kormeier, & Hunter Triplett
Ginger:  Elsie McNabb
Man:  Bernabe Ribera
Fox:  Dominic Lewis

Crew members and Concession Stand members for the Summer School Theater were:

Andrew Rohlfing, Cecelia Malone, Curtis Bade, Ethan Barber, Michael Vedder, Sierra Elliott, Jose Vallejo, Joshua Pilarski, Keerstin Mason, Malee Keethier, & Nile Shipley