Take a ride in the Pepsi Can Balloon with Brad Zobrist and Kyle Quick -- A QNHN Exclusive

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 Read more below about the race.

First I must thank several people for making it possible to provide you with some of the best news coverage of Saturdays balloon race.  Jeff Noedel, publisher of CountyNewsLive, and Kaylin Bade, a reporter for QuickNewHavenNews, they were instrumental in our coverage.

I would also like to thank Pepsi for making us their official media partner of the 22nd Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival.  Brad, Ellen, and Mark Zobrist who went out of there way, allowing me to ride in the Pepsi Can Balloon.

I must also thank Pat Fouge, our pilot, and Pepsi Aerosports for all their hospitality.  On behalf of QuickNewHavenNews and CountyNewsLive we thank you again for all you did.

We have worked very hard piecing the highlights of our live coverage, from seeing inside the balloon, views from New Haven from high above, sharing the experience with you, and seeing how the winner is actually determined, a view most people have never seen.

I wanted to mention were we actually landed.  We were in a small field along Dissen Rd near the intersection of highway Y.
Note: Video can be viewed on your iPhone

Anytime, my long time friend Brad Zobrist, and myself are together you can expect crazy things to happen and some very funny moments.

We also have some pretty amazing stories that we will be sharing with you throughout the week and into next week.

I hope you enjoy the video and would like to thank all of our readers for your continued support.

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