Tax deadline approaching - April 17

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Missouri News Horizon
- It’s right down to the wire for last minute tax filers.

All federal and state tax returns are due by 11:59 p.m. Tuesday, and Ted Farnen, a spokesperson with the Missouri Department of Revenue, warns last minute-filers to be wary of simple mistakes.

“If you don’t have one of those electronic filing programs, you know, where the math isn’t automatically done for you, you might want to double check the math as well to make sure that everything adds up so that you either get the right refund or you’re paying the right amount,” Farnen said.

Farnen also reminds state taxpayers to make sure to sign their tax documents and include any paperwork such as W-2 forms and bank interest statements.

And although tax returns are due by the end of the day Tuesday, he said the department is willing to work with taxpayers who can’t afford their tax bill all at once.

“It is a good idea to either file an extension or some type of return with some kind of payment, because, again, in the long term, that does benefit the taxpayer,” he said.

More details on extensions or payment plans is available on the department’s website at