Teachers receive substantial raise in salary

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New Haven, Mo.
– Tuesday night, the New Haven School Board approved a 3.2 percent raise to the district’s base salary along with an increase in “experience steps” (years of service), which will calculate out to veteran teachers seeing the largest increase in pay

This is one of the largest overall increases in teacher salaries since 2005-2006 when the base salary was raised 3.64%.

During the past few years’ poor economy, the board has been able to avoid freezing salaries, continuing to give teachers their experience steps every year. Unlike many school districts, New Haven has not had a reduction in force (layoffs) or cut teachers’ salaries.

Superintendent, Kyle Kruse said, “The budget for 2012-2013 projects a moderate amount of deficit spending. District reserves, however, will remain at a healthy level and will allow the district to deal with funding shortfalls or other emergencies."

The board also approved the hiring of Aaron Peirick to fill the Industrial Arts position, Madeleine Allen as a teacher’s aid at the Elementary, Samantha Hausmann to replace Rhonda Helling’s position, and Ashley Smith as the new Special Education instructor.  Last month Jamie Miller was hired to fill Ruth Steinhoff's position.