Thank you for saving my husband's life

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I would like to thank David Burke with the New Haven Police Department, the Franklin County Deputies, New Haven Berger Fire Department, New Haven Ambulance, Franklin County 911 Dispatchers and Kyle Quick with QuickNewHavenNews for literally saving Harvey's life.

On Tues., Jan. 30, 2012 my husband, Harvey Summers, who has Alzheimer’s, went for his daily walk.  He wears a GPS tracking device that keeps me informed on my computer where he is.

I checked my computer, to see where he was.  I saw that he was walking west, down the railroad tracks.  I immediately called 911 to them he was lost.  Kyle Quick and David Burke came to my house, and were able to communicate with the dispatcher, updating them of his current location.

They were able to find him close to Etlah.  The Franklin County Deputy who found him was met up by the Ambulance crew who checked to make sure he was not injured and then brought him home.

I am so thankful he was ok and home safe with me again. If Harvey had not had the GPS tracker on him, I really believe, they would not have found him.

Also, I would like to thank all of our friends and neighbors, for helping me keep an eye on him, when possible.  My phone number is 573-237-3450 if you ever need to call me.

Connie Summers