Thanksgiving dinner cost continues to rise

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Missouri News Horizon
Your Thanksgiving turkey will cost a little more this year…and that will make your feast a little more expensive overall.

Since 2010 the average cost of a Thanksgiving meal has increased by $6.91.

The American Farm Bureau Federation finds that the price of a typical Thanksgiving meal for ten people is up about 28-cents over last year. The annual survey finds that buying the meal in the grocery store will cost $49.48.

In 2011 the average cost rose from $45.52 to $47.41.

The survey includes the price of a 16-pound turkey, which the Farm Bureau prices at a$1.31 per pound. Also included on the menu are pumpkin pie with whipped cream, a vegetable tray, cubed bread stuffing, three pounds of sweet potatoes, a gallon of whole milk, fresh cranberries, a pound of peas, a dozen brown and serve rolls, and miscellaneous items such as onions, eggs, sugar, flour and evaporated milk.