Three letters out of respect

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There is always a rare individual that comes along during one’s life that leaves a life long impression.  For senior basketball player that person came along when he was in fourth grade, Lance Gerlemann said, “That was someone I considered a friend”.

In Aug., of 2005 Ty Quick was tragically killed in a car accident and over six years later the lasting impression Ty left behind on Gerlemann sticks with him today.

During Gerlemann’s year in fourth grade Ty was their class's student cadet.  Gerlemann said, “ We always sat in the back row…talking like best friends, getting in trouble by Mrs. Maczuk ... she yelled at Ty as much as anyone else."

On the back of every pair of basketball shoes Gerlemann has ever worn since the accident, you will find “4 TQ”.  Gerlemann said, “It just hit me one day that I should do something out of respect for him and I have put “4 TQ” on every pair of shoes since.

No one has ever known what Lance has written on his shoes, it was by accident we even noticed and only because of a photo we had taken.

Gerlemann said, “This is a way for me to show respect.”  Lance was very shy when we talked to him about the letters on the back of his shoes. He did not think anyone even knew and most likely they did not, because it could not be seen with just the naked eye.

Gerlemann said, “It is not a big deal or anything special, simply a way for me to express my respect for Ty.”