Three males get into a fight -- Female comes out with a shotgun

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Yesterday New Haven Police officers responded for a report of a fight in progress involving weapons near the area of Maupin Street and Maiden Lane.

The subjects had fled the scene prior to officers arriving. The reporting party stated at least three men were fighting in the street, and a woman came out of the residence and had displayed a pump action shotgun and chambered a round, causing two of the men to run away.

Through an investigation by Officers Burke and Kuhlman, it was determined the two men had began fighting with the other subject.  The female had attempted to break the fight up before resorting to the use of the weapon.

The original fight was allegedly over the resident shouting at the two men as the passed. The female subject was arrested on an outstanding warrant, and she posted bond has released. Charges for Unlawful Use of a Weapon and Fighting in Public are being applied for.

Names are being withheld pending the issuance of warrants.