Thunderstorms blast through Franklin County leaving nearly 3,000 without power

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Pictured is a huge tree that fell across West Casco and onto Kaileigh Meyer's family's fence Saturday night.

Saturday night a strong line of severe thunderstorms barreled through Franklin County leaving nearly 3,000 Ameren customers without power.

Washington was one of the hardest hit areas.  At its peak there were approximately 17 hundred Ameren customers without power.

We spoke with Lisa Manzo, Ameren spokesperson, around 6:15 p.m. this evening and according to Manzo the wide spread outages were due to the amount of lighting damage.

Pictured is another large tree blown over at Campbelton School at Highway 185 and Highway KK.

Manzo said, “I just spoke with one of our crews working in the area and they said that there were about 300 customers still without power.”

Other areas that sustained damage were areas south of New Haven, mainly in the Beaufort and Leslie, Mo. area.  We have received several reports of large trees that were uprooted due to the 80 mph winds.

Lighting damage was also the cause of a large number of Beaufort and Leslie residences without power.

As of 10 p.m. Sunday evening all power has been restored to Franklin County residences.

Thank you to Cindy and Kaileigh for sending us your photos.  If anyone else has storm damage photos and would like to send them to us you can easily text a photo to 636-359-1018 or email us

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