Top Stories of 2011 - Number 12

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Number 12 - Students amazed by phone book torn in half.

Pictured left: Megan Bauer and Kiestin Monzyk each hold on to one end of a steal rod and are lifted up.

 On Oct. 18, New Haven High School and Middle School students were entertained by a former NFL player and motivational speaker, Keith Davis, who thrilled students with his inspiring message and jaw dropping examples of how dedication, determination, and strength can make any dream a reality.

Davis Graduated from the University of Southern California with his team's highest grade point average and a degree in Business Finance. While at U.S.C., Keith was the leading tackler, an All-Conference linebacker, and was selected to the All-American Strength Team. Keith also played twice in one of college football's biggest bowl games, the Rose Bowl.

Davis spoke about the peer pressures teens are faced with in today’s society and how to make the right choice.  He also brought awareness on one of the fastest growing issues teens have, depression.  Davis shared a short story about a young girl who had planned to kill herself after school that day.  That same day, Davis spoke at her school and after hearing his message she is still alive today.  She actually showed him here letter she had already written, it began with; “Mom, by the time you read this I will be dead”.

Students watched as a phone book was torn in half, pushups done with Mr. Luecke standing on his back, (pictured right) and while holding a steel rod by his teeth and bending it in half.  It was quite a site to be held.

Students laughed as Davis told jokes and cheered him on as he bent a steel rod. Davis’s message was very motivating; leaving students talking about “how cool” it was to see a phone book torn in half.