Top Stories of 2011 - Number 13

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Number 13 – Everyone has a different perspective on life as they grow in age, for one person, turning 70 meant taking on new challenges.

Janice Cutright did just that and refused to let her age determine what she could or could not do.

This past Sunday, Janice Cutright celebrated her 70th birthday.  Most people who turn 70 may have a little get-together with family and friends, eat cake, and talk about how it feels to be 70.

Cutright on the other hand, had a completely different way of thinking.  To give you an idea of how energetic, full of life, and maybe just a little crazy (in a very good way), Cutright wrote this poem in the invitation she sent out. 

However did I get to be, so very fast to 70???
I closed my eyes, I turned around, now all I have is falling down, or off, or out, with sagging cup or turning grey or puffing up.
The one glass eye and the metal knee don’t always look so good on me.
The crooked finger and aching back, some parts I carry in a sack!
I wish once more to glide through life, be lifted high, forget the strife.
A floating feather in the breeze, every movement comes with ease.
The “Zip-Line” is my answered prayer, hook me high and send me there.
Come along and join the fun, am I the only crazy one?
We’ll celebrate with a picnic lunch, all the entire crazy bunch!

Cutright had thought about skydiving, but several family members had broken a leg each time they had gone.  Instead of continuing that tradition she decided instead to take a zip-line tour at ECO ZipLine Tours, located 3 miles south if I-70 on Highway 19.  I asked her why she chose something so crazy and wild; here is what she had to say.

Watching Cutright go down each of the 5 zip lines was truly an inspiration.  She refused to let age determine what she was able to do.  She has never been one to pay much attention to her age, “it’s just a number,” she told me.  After the zip line tour was over I had a few moments with Cutright and I asked her what kind of advice she could give to us younger ones on how she has stayed so young.

Experience the ZipLine with Janice, head cam video.

The Crazy Bunch pictured below