Top Stories of 2011 - Number 3 - Two men's love for New Haven basketball

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Today we count down the top three stories of 2011, beginning with the passion and appreciation two men have for New Haven Basketball.

New Haven’s community is well known for supporting the New Haven School District, not just in sports but the school as a whole.

The tradition of Shamrock basketball is well known throughout the state of Missouri for their success professionalism students and coaches have displayed throughout the years.  To acknowledge and honor 100 years of New Haven’s basketball, Keith Davis and John Aichholz dedicated nearly two years of their own time and money to document New Haven’s tradition of excellence. A piece of history for all the players and coaches who have been part of New Haven’s ongoing success and the community who has displayed over whelming support, making it possible for the Shamrocks success for past 100 years.

Last year marked 100 years of New Haven Basketball.  It was the same year Shamrock fans packed the gym to officially name the court, Ray Steinhoff's Court.  Steinhoff also achieved a milestone few coaches are able to accomplish, winning 500 games.

Two graduates of New Haven, Keith Davis and John Aichholz, felt the story behind the legacy of New Haven Basketball should be told.  Davis said, “Very few high schools have a history or legacy that dates back to 1911.  John and I came up with the idea of doing a documentary that shows the foundation behind the success of New Haven Basketball.”

During the course of almost 17 months, the two traveled all over the U.S. to interview players from the 1950s, ’67, and ’70 teams.  They spent numerous hours researching, reading news articles, speaking to different individuals from those decades, and tracking down past players.

Once Davis and Aichholz were done with interviews they were left with over 45 hours of raw footage.  They then had to go through all of the footage and turn it into a documentary film.

They chose to create a film not to make money, but rather to honor the past and give the community something they will have forever.  Something they can show their children and grandchildren.

Aichholz said, “New Haven High School gave Keith and I so much, we felt this was one way we could give something back to the school but also the community.”