Top Stories of 2011 - Number 5.5 - Recognizing the accomplishments of a New Haven Graduate

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As we approach the number one story of 2011, it has become more and more difficult deciding on what stories to feature in our count down.

The reason we have chosen our Q&A with Kathleen Scheer, Senior guard at Duke, is to recognize her accomplishments during her basketball career.  A career that started at New Haven High School and has led to playing for one of the top women’s basketball programs in the country.

We love writing stories on New Haven graduates that have moved on with their careers and are accomplishing amazing things, not just sports related as you will find out in our top five stories of this year.

Here is our Q&A story and highlight reel of Kathleen and her time at Duke.

Kathleen Scheer has begun her senior year at Duke University.  Scheer graduated from New Haven High School in 2008, leaving a legacy behind as one of the best players to have ever played basketball at New Haven. Scheer scored more points in her career at New Haven than any other player, including the boy’s basketball program.

We sat down with Scheer this past Fall for an exclusive question and answer interview just before she returned to Duke.

Q.  Who are some of the people growing up that have had the biggest impact on your accomplishments in basketball? 

Scheer:  My parents and my brothers have been my inspiration throughout my entire life. My parents have always taught me to work hard and never quit or give up on anything. They are truly remarkable people.
My mom and dad have been there to support me throughout my basketball career and that support means the world to me. I have always admired my parents’ work ethic and dedication. They have set the best example for me to follow, and I thank them for that.

My brothers are such influential people in my life. They are tremendously hardworking individuals and have taught me so much about what it takes to grow as a person and a player.

My older brothers, Paul and Jacob, are two of my biggest fans. They were by my side throughout my whole high school career and they continue to stand by me while I am here at Duke.

My little brothers Samuel and Daniel have had a huge impact on me as well. Even though they are both younger than me, they have always wanted me to excel on the court. They are both great athletes, even little Sammy, and because they look up to me, I know I have to set the best example both on and off the hardwood. I want them to be able to live their dream like I have been able to live mine.

Q.  What was your drive or motivation to get up every morning and workout, travel playing AAU basketball and essentially devoting the majority of your life to playing basketball?

Scheer:  When I was little, like most girls who love basketball, I dreamed of playing at a school like Duke. I knew the only way I could get there was to constantly devote myself to the game. I absolutely loved AAU basketball and the various competitions I got to face. Playing at a top school was not going to be easy, but that is what I wanted to do, and so that was my motivation to push myself.

Q.  What are something’s you have learned when playing at New Haven that has helped you while playing at duke?

Scheer: New Haven is such a tight community. I have so many amazing people that I love and adore from my home. The relationships that I have made throughout my 21 years are some of the strongest relationships I will ever have. I think that those relationships have helped me to create such unforgettable bonds. Although Durham is way bigger than New Haven, I have been able to make some amazing friends who I will have in my life forever. I feel as though being from a small town and knowing what it takes to really build meaningful relationships has helped me to create those same kinds of relationship here.

Q.  What was the first thing you did when you found out that Duke was very interested in having you play for them?

Scheer:I honestly went crazy. My mom picked up the phone one day and brought it in my room. She held the phone down and whispered, "Leener, Duke is on the phone for you." I told her to quit playing around, but then I could tell she was serious. I was so overwhelmed with excitement!!!!

Q.  What is the first thing you do every morning when you are at Duke?

Scheer:  Eat breakfast, then depending on the day, either go straight to working out or class.

Q.  Elaborate briefly on being giving the opportunity to play for one of the nations top girls team has meant to you.

Scheer: It has been such a life changing experience. I have played against the best competition in the country. I get to play for an incredible coaching staff, with some of the most amazing teammates/friends that I have ever met. I get to play every home game in the most famous gym in the country.

I have met so many people who have had such a positive influence on my life. Those people will always be a part of my life and knowing that makes this experience even better. Duke is a one of kind, there is no other college that compares.

Q.  What is your Favorite Song?
Anything by Luke Bryan

Q.  Who do you think is the greatest basketball player of all time?
Michael Jordan

Q.  What is your favorite meal?
My mom's chicken and rice casserole

Q.  Your favorite Movie?
Glory Road

Q.  What about your favorite restaurant?
Scheer: Chipotle

Photos courtsey of Duke Photography.