Top Stories of 2011 - Number 6 - The Rally Squirrel Returns

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Every year at New Haven High School during Halloween there is a competition on who has the best costume.  This is not a breaking news type of story or something you would read in the paper.  In fact, no one will even remember who the winner was next year.

The irony behind this story is why we choose it as one of our top stories of the year.

I am sure everyone remembers the “Rally Squirrel” and the Cardinals World Series Title, the creativity and imagination of Molly Munsinger came to school dressed as the “Rally Squirrel”, obviously winning the schools costume contest.

The following day it just so happen we were covering a story in Washington, where Al Hrabosky was visiting one of the elementary schools.  Hrabosky was so impressed with Molly’s costume; we recorded a video of Al congratulating her.

We thought, what were the chances of Molly’s costume and meeting Hrabosky and the whole “Ralley Squirrel”, that the simple rarity was worth number 6 in our countdown.

Molly Munsinger won a 25 dollar iTunes gift card, autograph from Al Hrabosky, and a special message from him too.

The past two days we hosted a Costume Contest, where readers could cast a vote for their favorite costume.  The results are in!

The Rally Squirrel won receiving 49 percent of the votes.

Superwomen received 8 percent, The Pirate nine percent, Senorta 4 percent and coming in second overall were The Three Pigs with 31 percent.

Here are photos some photos of other great costumes.